13 November 2008

Morans Continue to Berate Petraeus

Me Losing My Soul to General Petraeus...That Demonic Rovian Operative

Every U.S. military officer has to take an oath saying they will defend the constitution, and Obama was elected through a process laid out in that parchment fair and square. Therefore, I'm not too concerned that Petraeus will rile up all the combat forces in CENTCOM to pull a Cobra Commander and attempt world domination. He has repeatedly stated that he is apolitical to avoid controversey and supposedly didn't even vote this election.

But that doesn't stop military experts like John Amato of Crooks and Liars to dream up bizarre scenarios. In response to an interview where Obama indicates that he will be the boss of Petraeus if he wins the election (a shocking revelation, I know), Amato writes that Petraeus is going to up and walk off the job:
I'll be a wonderful day when he is gone, but I think what this interview signals to me is that when the time is right, Petraeus will quit his job and turn into a full-on political machine. He's a darling of the right, and if you witnessed any of his briefings you know that he will love being in the limelight.
Of course he has to cite Digby, one of the netroots that spent most of 2007 spreading lies about what was going on Iraq in order to whip up partisan support for a Democratic takeover in 2008, culminating in a disastrous Moveon.Org ad in the New York Times in September 2007 that was equally offensive and inaccurate.

But, due to economic concerns, the Dems won by a landslide! So why all this fuss now about our head of CENTCOM from the netroots. The only reason I can come up with is that they have some unresolved "jocks vs. nerds" resentment from high school that resulted in one too many wedgies, much like the infamous wine critic at the LA Times. Well, guess what, poindexters, he's your general too, get over it.