09 November 2008

Mormons Getting Pummeled Over Propostion 8

Nice churchy types now qualify as a hate group according to these protesters

I didn't support the gay marriage ban in CA (Proposition 8) due to the 1st Amendment restricting religious involvement in legislative affairs, but there has been some equally vile reactions to the proposition being passed by popular referendum. From the Chicago Tribune covering the protests at a Mormon temple in L.A.:
Outside the Los Angeles temple Thursday, dozens of protesters screamed "Bigots" and "Shame on You" at half a dozen men in button-down shirts and ties who looked out at the demonstration from behind the temple's closed gates.
Some pics of the protest are here. Throw your stereotypes of gay people being friendly folks with good fashion sense out the window, because these people are absolutely pissed that the democratic process failed them.

WorldNetDaily has the details of people calling for churches to be "burned to the ground". Blogs have popped up overnight condemning the "hate church" with such nasty rhetoric as this:
Protesters gathering in front of the Mormon Church's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah to rage against the money thrown into the fray in California over gay marriage do so to allow the cult members in the barren wastelands to see what happens when tax exempt religious organizations stick their noses into other people's business.
It would behoove these people to remember that the Mormon church has been one of the most persecuted religions in America's history. It began with their founder, Joseph Smith, being murdered by an angry mob in Carthage, IL, and continues to this day with stereotypes of LDS members as perverted polygamists, despite the practice being outlawed in the late 19th century so that Utah could attain statehood. There's even talk of boycotting Utah! Los Angeles has sometimes been a hotbed of various ethnicities/sects erupting in violent rage against one another. In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all get along!"