09 November 2008

Nationwide Obama Smug Reaching Dangerous Levels

Recuperating after the great Obama-gasm of Nov. 4th [Seattle Weekly Cover]

Despite the country being in a serious economic crisis and two conflicts, the stories of the nation-wide orgy that took place on November 4th just won't go away. Americans feeling "proud of their country for the first time" in Seattle, New Yorkers whooping it up in the streets of the East Village, and people gettin' it on across the nation to produce Obama babies in Summer 2009. "Try anal...yes we can!" may have been symbolic of the liberating feeling that came with an Obama landslide for many Americans, however there seems to be one group in society that isn't getting its rocks off: The United States Military. A poll at Military.com (h/t Sodlier's Mom) shows that there may be some deep reservations about what an Obama presidency means for our fighting men and women. Screenshot as of 8 November:

Now, there's no reason to fear that the military is going to fly the coop to Canada IVAW-style, try and orchestrate a coup, or stop doing our job. This just represents some legitimate concerns military members have about this "Hope and Change" administration. Maybe it's the fact that Barney Frank wants to slash and burn the military's budget, maybe it's that Obama/Biden made a huge blunder in their horrible plan for Iraq to carve it up along ethnic lines, or maybe it's the fact that 51% of the military is a bunch of assholes because they're not, like, totally inspired. The poll does not get into specifics. But the fact that the Four Horsemen, all of whom are vets, are not getting that smug, self-righteous thrill up their leg may help to reinforce the point that, you know, there are concerns.

The smug is rearing it's ugly head in other way on the intertubes too. The new "52 to 48 with love" phenomenon is designed to make sure people who didn't vote for Obama don't feel like their left out of the big tent. Cutesy flickr pictures of red-staters and blue-staters smooching to show that we are "one nation of love" disguises the serious policy concerns some may have with Kindergarten-like stunt. This blog is not intended to ignite some kind of Red State v. Blue State civil war, so all this hanky-panky about peace, love, and understanding needs to die (which Horseman War tries his darnedest to accomplish). The need to "feel good" about ourselves should not supplant the fact that our country is a great Republic...if we can keep it.

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