01 December 2008

Ro Show Probably Canceled After One Night

What a Babe!

There's not much to say about Rosie O' Donnell that hasn't already been said for. She's your typical low hanging fruit for right-wing bloggers just like Al Gore or Code Pink. But here's a new blurb from the NY Times regarding her floptastic variety hour:
Rosie O’Donnell’s homage to television variety shows of the 1970s, “Rosie Live,” seems destined to be a one-night-only event. On the “Ask Ro” feature on the Web site, rosie.com, Ms. O’Donnell wrote, “there will b no more” in response to a question about the future of the show, which was broadcast on NBC on Wednesday.
Damn, even Chevy's Chase talk show lasted close to a month in '93, what a loser.