01 December 2008

The Ultimate Strawman: U.S. Military Won't Do Its Job With Dems in Charge

Strawman: Because the Washington Post Needs a Good Sunday Front-Pager To Keep From Going Under

One of the dumbest arguments perpetuated by the far-left, anti-military citizens of our nation is that the senior brass of the military is going to be openly hostile to an Obama administration. Morans speaking lies about an "October Surprise" to prevent the election from happening and ridiculous speculation about Gen. Petraeus walking off the job will always percolate amongst the netroots. It's difficult to argue with this type of logic, just like it's difficult to argue that space aliens won't land tomorrow to give us all anal probes. There's no reason to believe that either one will happen. That's why it was a bit of a shock that treasonous Karen DeYoung devoted an entire front page article to the issue that the military's probably not going to instigate a coup (what a relief). Of course she had to present the fire beneath the ash [WaPo]:
In an October survey by the Military Times, nearly 70 percent of more than 4,000 officers and enlisted respondents said they favored McCain, while about 23 percent preferred Obama. Only African American service members gave Obama a majority.

In exit polls, those who said they had "ever served in the U.S. military" made up 15 percent of voters and broke 54 percent for McCain to 44 percent for Obama. "As a culture, we are more conservative and Republican," a senior officer said.

Obama has said he will meet with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs as well as the service chiefs during his first week in office. At the top of his agenda for that meeting will be what he has called the military's "new mission" of planning the 16-month withdrawal timeline for Iraq. Senior officers have publicly grumbled about the risk involved.
What can I say except that you do what your told in the military. Why is the concept of "duty to country" such a difficult concept to understand for these people. The military survived the Carter administration without massive desertions and mutiny, it'll probably survive Obama too.

It's the same type of thing with SECDEF Gates getting picked by Obama to stay on. Pundits worldwide are questioning his political motivation for staying , and the only person to suggest he wants to "serve his country" was Greyhawk. In true disgruntled fashion, Gates had kept a "countdown clock" until he was set to leave in 2009...I guess he has to extend it now. He's probably not doing the job because of his own self-infatuation and he loves his name in the paper, but rather just doing his job because that's what you gotta do (like most Americans).

Reading between the lines of the media trying to paint the military as some back-alley think tank with crooked ties, it's pretty obvious that some "change" is coming down the pike in the form of serious budget cuts. Whatever, it's probably best our nation spent that money on AIG swag bags and motorized scooters funded by Medicare.