10 December 2008

Celebrate Mass Murderer Chic...This Friday!

The 257-minute tongue bath of "revolutionary" executioner Che Guevarra is scheduled for release on Friday in NYC and LA. It received some criticism at Cannes, because...it didn't do enough to celebrate the awesomeness of Che! "It Diminished His Character". Moonbattery notes that some people are not impressed with this tripe:

But some stubbornly refuse to pay their respects. Thus, the actor received a much cooler reception when Che, directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh, had a private screening in Miami Beach this past Thursday. Cuban-Americans, including the mayor of Miami Beach, protested the 4-and-a-half hour glorification of the man they consider a Stalinist mass-murderer.
Seriously, communism was deemed a lousy and genocidal method of governance and sent into the dust bin of the 20th century. Why do we still idolize its advocates? Next up, Hollywood will probably celebrate the life and times of the pioneers of Eugenics.