12 December 2008

Environmentalist Weirdo Wonders What Would Happen If All Humans Croaked

6 Billion Instaneous Deaths: The Solution to Global Warming
I'd like to say that most of us consider ourselves conversationists in that we seek more efficient methods to expend the finite resources on planet earth, but some environmentalists go too damn far. Some want us living primitive lifestyles so that Gaia is happy. But the book "World Without Us" delves further into self-hating insanity by pondering how great the earth would be if all humans were exterminated. Predictably, it's won some praise from the LA Times:
"The World Without You" (sic) gives us a glimpse of both the fragility and resilience of life on Earth -- a nature that humans have proved quite adept at destroying, but also a nature that will long outlast the human species. In the end, the book paints a history and future of the Earth that's not so human-centric, and correspondingly, encourages a more humble perspective of our role on this planet. What you end up doing with that perspective is entirely up to you.
Mankind has created art, understood science, and provided the means to download pornography at warp speeds, so don't give up on the entire race just yet! If it wasn't for us, all this rock would be is boring sphere of mass with smelly creature inhabitants on the corner of the universe. Let's give some credit where it's due.