12 December 2008

New Milblogs To Conquer the Internet

You've probably noticed that even though I'm a Navy dude, this blog isn't strictly about maritime affairs. As a matter of fact, it probably reads like a drunken 17-year old's MySpace page, but it's the only format I know. But fear not! The new blog at the US Naval Institute is like a who's who of the heavies, including Chap, CDR Salamander, Eagle1, Galrahn, and even the Coast Guard Commandant. The only person I didn't see was Yankee Sailor, but he's an XO now so he's probably too damn busy or something.

Check it out...right here!

Also, David M found a new one called Sorority Soldier. It's like Legally Blonde in Baghdad, I dig it.

She takes on the tough issue of sexual assault of women in the military and lightens things up with tales from her training. Good stuff!