13 December 2008

Git Yer Pitchforks Ready: America Supports You Might Be a Front

America Supports You is a government-funded organization, begun in 2004, that provides charity to our troops during a time of war. It includes Christmas cards to the troops, homefront support, and other morale boosters. It came under fire from the New York Times and the Pentagon launched an investigation since its chair, Allison Barber, may have been funneling cash to private enterprises. She abruptly resigned and the Pentagon investigation is about to be released. You could strike up the criticism of the organization to your run-of-the-mill Greenwaldesque anti-military blabber, but Noah Shachtman of the superb military journal, Wired's Danger Room, is saying that investigation results are going to be ugly:

While the Pentagon preps for a new administration, a scandal from an earlier era may be about to rear its head. The Defense Department's Inspector General has been looking into whether a project, supposedly designed to support U.S. troops, was used to channel money to reward personal friends and allies of its chiefs. Pentagon and Congressional sources say that the results of those investigations are due to be released early next week. And they are not expected to be kind.
There is nothing in our current political climate that is impervious to corruption. From Senate seats to troop charities, everything is up for grabs from these no-ethics assclowns. What's next?!? Tomorrow, we'll probably hear a scandal about the DC mayor getting paid off to allow a Bukake porn flick to be filmed at the Lincoln Memorial. What a rotten system.