08 December 2008

Pakistan President's Gets Punk'd By Prank Call, Almost Starts a War with India

Not Fucking Funny

In a striking similarity to the Onion article where JFK gets let in on the Cuban Missile Crisis hoax, Pakistan scrambling its air force during the Mumbai attacks was the result of a prank call. From Fox News:

A man pretending to be India's foreign minister called Pakistan's president and talked in a "threatening" manner during the Mumbai terror attacks, prompting Pakistan to put its air force on high alert, a security official and a news report said Saturday.

Dawn newspaper said authorities were investigating the circumstances of the hoax, which occurred as tensions spiked between the nuclear-armed neighbors during the attacks.
The potential for nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India has reached dangerous new levels due to Mumbai, and the fact that some joker could push central Asia towards the Urdu version of Road Warrior is very troubling. That or Pakistan's Administration is playing games with the media to deflect attention from their involvement with the attacks, as India has suggested.

The real question is how does some random schmoe have the phone number directly to Pakistan's President? If anyone knows it, please call Mr. Zadari and tell him to properly secure the NATO convoy route through Peshawar. It is becoming extremely problematic as seen by 96 trucks bound for Afghanistan being set ablaze by militants.

Note: It's in bad taste to relate international tensions to that ass clown Ashton Kutcher, but in tough times all you can do is laugh uncomfortably at how fucked up everything is.