08 December 2008

Metallica Video Hits Hard on Cost of War

There's always a lot to be upset about if you're a Metallica fan. Cutting their hair short, the band's misguided war against MP3s and Napster, and of course that abominable turd of an album St. Anger. So naturally, I was fairly cynical about their new single "Day That Never Comes" when it started getting radio play.

But, that was before I saw the video. It goes great with the song, and the futility of war theme that did them well in great tunes like "One" and "Disposable Heroes" works in its modern day context. The battlefield looks suspiciously like the Mojave Desert in California, rather than Iraq or A-Stan, but it's cool they did a video on modern day vets. No wonder Suspect liked them so much. The song doesn't have the tone of death as well as the legendary "Orion" (aka The Greatest Song Evah!) but, hey, we'll take what we can get sans Cliff Burton.