16 January 2009

$825B Stimulus: Money For Nothing

We Got to Move These Color Teevees!

The legislation of the $825B Stimulus Plan proposed by the House Dems is available here, and for something easier on the eyes you can read the summary. It's not a BBQ of porky corruption like the bailout bill, but rather focuses on a smorgasbord of initiatives like renewable energy, base construction, national park maintenance, etc. Not that I'm particularly opposed to any of those items, but a billion here and a billion there really adds up over time! How long can we keep printing "money for nothing" in this country, the report tries to answer [pg 2]:

With passage of this bill, we will face a large deficit for years to come. Without it, those deficits will be devastating and we face the risk of economic chaos. Tough choices have been made in this legislation and fiscal discipline will demand more tough choices in years to come.
So we're counting on the "fiscal discipline" of future lawmakers to prevent the economy from going tits up in the long-term? I'm sure you all are totally confident in that. Yikes!


LogicallyLocked said...

It's cold in the US! Throw another billion on the fire, no one cares about the cost anyway! PFFT!

Isn't there anyone in congress that can come up with a better way?

J. said...

Money for nothing? Are the chicks still for free?

LT Nixon said...


I wish. The phrase from Singapore "No Money, no Honey" seems to be a universal axiom.