16 January 2009

Inaugural Ball To Conveniently Gloss Over Our Nation's Problems


DC's homeless people have been conveniently tucked away in "fun centers", some weird congressman from the bible belt has anointed the door which The Obama will walk through, and our nation has a collective boner. The 2009 Inagrautation is a definite go! Most of the money for this Obama-ganza is being funded privately, but there's always the need for security forces to prevent trouble. And Van Helsing points out that, ironically, the state of Maryland had to declare a "federal disaster area" for inauguration preps. From WJZ:
Maryland officials estimate preparation costs, including security personnel, will be about $12.6 million. Congressman Steny Hoyer says Maryland is excited to be so close to the festivities, but he says the state needs federal help to make up for costs associated with law enforcement, infrastructure and transportation. The delegation is urging the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make the money available through an expedited federal disaster declaration.
I may come across as the "party-pooper" who takes a dump in the closet ruining the festive ambiance, but is this really what the country needs? Admiral Mullen canceled a fancy military gala back in November due to sensitivities to the shitty economy, which shows respect for the nation's plight. I understand that people are interested in watching history happen, but couldn't Obama broadcast the oath in front of green-screen full of eagles, flags, and fireworks in our digital age. Just seems like we're a nation in collective self-delusion.


LogicallyLocked said...

Didn't Bush's last inauguration cost more than Obama's? And we were still "at war" and not doing great. While I think the excess looks like a bit much, why should Obama not have the same inauguration that the other presidents had simply because Bush fuct up and helped tank the economy? It's not like his is gonna be so over the top and extreme that it costs double what the others in the past have cost.

Kinda sounds like sour grapes to me. ;)

subrookie said...

We blow a collective gasket when AIG execs take a spa vacation when the Federal Gov't is bailing them out. Then we dump a bunch of money into what amounts to a liberal fun parade for the inauguration. Here's a vote for the green screen swearing in ceremony.

Girl in the Middle said...

Well, LT, in order to usher in the age of change, Obama has to ride into town on his unicorn. That takes a lot of artful staging.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Sure. It's a waste. Just like any other innauguration or government ball or military ceremony for that matter. The unicorn comment was a nice zinger. I think you need to start having a best comment of the day award, LT.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I live in the disaster state. But gosh, golly, gee, am ever so excited!!

And I don't know actual true $$-wise if this is the same as any other that's going before, but the preparations aren't and the way we're all having to change work and driving and getting around are NOT.

I've worked on inaguration days before and not even thought twice about it -- not this year.


Anonymous said...



LT Nixon said...


Don't worry we're from the government and "here to help" mwahaha.

Ms. K,

I've been considering putting the comment feed on the sidebar...maybe I'll do that.