11 January 2009

ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Westboro Baptist Church

Look who the ACLU is supporting. Read about it at C.H.U.D. Busters, the blog I always forget to update.


tankerbabe said...

Guess they have to resort to the ACLU now since they (Westboro) has all their money tied up thanks to that amazing Gold Star Dad on the east coast.

Anyone other than me find it interesting that Westboro would want to have anything to do with the ACLU that OPENLY defends gays? Good grief. The insanity and disgust of it all.

amagi said...

Hey, man, that's freedom of speech, and you know it.

But, yeah. Still though. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I guess shock value as much as anything is what gets Westboro noticed. But it is so over the top. No matter what you think of the war or the military -- have some common decency for the families.


Darren M said...

Those fucktards need lined up and shot. Fuck their freedom of speech. If I ever saw them doing that shit in person, I'd exercise my "Freedom of Expression" via a baseball bat.