11 January 2009

Dear, Mr. President: Here's My Craptastic Video

Fucking Tacky

This is the type of nonsense from Madison Avenue that makes you long for the "totally X-treme!" days of the late 90s with beautiful people skydiving from an airplane while slurping a Mountain Dew. Skye brings us news that Pepsi is sponsoring something called "Refresh Everything" where you submit a YouTube video to Obama. Obviously, it doesn't take much of a cynical heart to realize that this is cheesy, corporate shilling to cash in on the Obamarama of the past year and sell a few more Pepsis. They even re-did their logo to make it look like the Yes, We Can logo. It should be noted that Pepsi isn't the first bunch of clowns to try this, as Ben and Jerry's already has a "Yes, Pecan" flavor in the works.

The YouTube video uploads are full of smug-faced yuppies asking to have national Yoga holidays and talking about apologizing to the rest of the world for the last 8 years. Shaddap. For shits and giggles here's my entry:


LT said...

Why the "corruption" tag?

This shit is hilarious-- you've gotta realize that marketers are, first, idiots, and second, they are always looking for new, "fashion-forward," outside-the-box, XXXX is the new black kind of way to advertise. And all of that makes us buy more pepsi, or whatever. I especially like the "make a new website with a call-to-action web address that doesn't allude to the end product's name or purpose" method. So I go to the website, then feel duped?

What's ridiculous is that people will do this shit because Gen Y or Z or whatever now feels like, Obama: I gave you my vote, now I demand a private audience with you to bend your ear or at the very least that you watch my video and acquiesce to my demands for international fair trade standards... you owe me!

Mezzo SF said...

heheh nice video. is the skull a capture shot from raiders of the lost ark when the nazi's get their faces melted off?

Dillinger737 said...
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Dillinger737 said...

Apparently America has nothing else to do. What could possibly be more constructive that clogging the internet with more vile rubbish? Moronic videos made by self-absorbed and simple-minded douchebags that make up the majority in this country might just help Obama do whatever it is that he supposedly can do. This is why I do nothing but bitch about mankind. I do agree about longing for the 90's though, but I'd take any time-frame where our country wasn't collectively retarded.

LT Nixon said...

Mezzo SF,

That pic is from Return of the Living Dead, right before the end credits start.


It definitely doesn't say much about our culture that these Dear Mr. President videos are getting made.


In today's world everyone is a celebrity and super important. At least in their own mind.

Bag Blog said...

I've been thinking about giving up my diet pepsi a day habit, but then I wouldn't be cool.

olgreydog7 said...

What's funny is that people in the south, at least Texas, won't get the Ben & Jerry's reference for two reason, one, they didn't vote for BHO in the first place, and two, it's pronounces pah-con. Not Pea-can. It's the state tree of Texas, so yea, I'm right on this one. Learn how to fucking speak English hippies!

olgreydog7 said...

edit above post, pronounced, not pronounces. Carry on.

cathcatz said...


learn how to fucking spell, you hick.

The Sniper said...

I love the whole "we want people from all over the world to tell Obamessiah what they want from America" part.

You want us to change on your foreign whims? Sorry, no can do.
Cluster bombs? Ohhhh, I think we can help you there.

Bag Blog said...

Olgreydog7, thanks for clarifying that Ben and Jerry's reference. I thought I just didn't get it because our Wal-Mart doesn't carry Ben and Jerry's.