22 January 2009

America Goes On - A Short Story

Finally got the short story I was working on done (with some editing help from Sisu). It's about an ex-marine driving from California to NYC in sort of a negative American dream type tone. I got the idea after seeing some Marines coming through Kuwait back in June 2007. I vowed to get it done within the month I got back from Iraq, but better late than never. It's about 30 pages single-spaced 12 pt, but it's broken up into chapters using the blogger format with embedded tunes! Figured it'd be a more interesting and convenient format than just pdf-in' the thing and emailing it around. Hope you enjoy it. Links are always appreciated!

Read it right here.


Shea said...

You know it's funny, an old friend of mine, met a girl online over there from his home state, and they recently got married.

Anonymous said...

Fucker. It's 0545, I have to go to work, and you wrote a book...I want to read it, but I guess it'll wait until I get home.

Barrage said...

Great work LT... Been reading as I can at work today!

rayanne said...

I sped through my paperwork nearly nonstop today so I could finally get to reading it. Great job.

Anonymous said...

WTF, the guy doesn't get any pussy? It was pretty good until the last chapter.

LT Nixon said...


Read it at work, say you are doing project research or some bullshit.

Anonymous II,

Well I never said it was a happy story!


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, if not criticism is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The first 10 chapters were interesting, but you should have had the guy get the fuck of his life and live happily ever after. Then it REALLY would have been fiction.