21 January 2009

Going Rogue

See Through the Lies

It seems a lot of media wags are happy that there was a peaceful transition of power in our robust democracy. Whoopty-fucking-do. Congrats America, we're not a third-world country. Besides an Obama administration suddenly making the blogosphere incredibly dull, he's got some pretty lousy ideas that will have serious ramifications for our Republic. Don't feel like he's beyond criticism, and that your patriotism is somehow in question because you don't agree with policy. Andy Levy has some good rules on taking on The Obama without coming off as a jackass.

I remember what politics was like when Clinton was around, and the "vast right-wing conspiracy" had a lot more interesting ideas than when they had to defend that imbecile Bush for the last 8 years. It's better to be a political minority, because you don't have to excuse the incomepetent missteps of those in power. I look forward to the public debate and seeing where politics goes from here. Should be interesting.


dutchmarbel said...

It's better to be a political minority, because you don't have to excuse the incomepetent missteps of those in power.

Ah, well, lets try to KEEP the Republicans a political minority then. I had no idea we shared that ambition ;)

Mike said...

Well, given all the talk on teh interwebs of Bush not giving up power and shuttling off all the Dems to those Halliburton concentration camps in Arizona, a peaceful transition of power probably IS a big deal and a surprise to some of those media wags.

Lisa said...

Let us hope for a robust political debate, along with some revolutionary changes to broken systems.

I fear that too many in our country now mistake impassioned civil debate and even unrest for "domestic terrorism".

Today's paper says Obama encourages "hope over fear." Hope is not a leadership concept, but a religious construct. It shows depsperation and should have no place in the affairs of state.

Hope is based on luck

Mike said...

You know, I always had such an easy time defending Bush because the majority of his opponents were just so fucking despicable.

LT Nixon said...


If you're talking about Bill Ayers or the Manson women, I would argue that they WERE engaged in domestic terrorism. But I look forward to getting the inevitable Timothy McVeigh label hurled my way, haha.

Mike said...

"If you're talking about Bill Ayers"

Well, I dunno about you, but when my stated goal is to blow up a club on a military base packed with military personnel and the only reason I'm not able to carry it out is that my friends are too fucking stupid to manufacture bombs properly, yeah, I'd say I'm a terrorist.

Lisa said...

LT Nixon,

You're yanking my chain. You know right well I know the difference between terrorism and freedom of speech. Bill Ayers: terrorist (hopelessly incompetent, wanna-be). Chas. Manson & crew: criminals.

He can rant all he wants from Vacaville about the Black/White war, but he had no agenda in place. His bunch were brainwashed (brain dead?) druggie murderers and thieves.

Ayers reminds me of Alan Ginsberg, the least of the Beat Poets, who weren't much anyway, IMHO. But he survives, so gets to give lectures. God -- and people pay money and attend.