08 January 2009

Army Completely Screws Up

What a disgrace. Due to a "software error", the Army sent out letters to the families of soldiers KIA all addressed as "Dear John Doe". The Chief of Staff of the Army has already publicly apologized. LA Times:

In December, the Army sent out 7,000 letters to the families of most of the 3,544 soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 containing information about services or gifts for which they might be eligible.

Although the envelopes were properly addressed, a software problem resulted in an error that printed the salutation "Dear John Doe" at the top of the letters, which were printed by a private contractor.
What's odd is the Army won't release the name of the contractor, but I hope they lose out on their next bid due to this short-sightedness. Of course, this was less egregious than when the Army sent IRR mobilization notices to the homes of dead soldiers.


Shea said...

not surprising at all to me,

Ms. Kiyum said...

Nobody noticed this shit? Proofreading makes the world a better place.

LT Nixon said...

Ms. K,

Seriously, proofreading is tops. I mean it was a letter to soldiers, not the comments section of a blog. Pretty crazy.

LT Nixon said...

Brandon Friedman and Blackfive both felt the apology from the brass was satisfactory on their blogs today...it was pretty genuine. So good for the Army. But I still love using that Pauly Shore pic.

J. said...

I was on the call also. Shit happens, the Army responded quickly, the effort was heart-felt. We remain... Army Strong.