08 January 2009

The Cobra Kai Dojo's Revenge

A concise synopsis of the 1984 classic Karate Kid. The 5 second version of The Matrix isn't bad either.


subrookie said...

So, do the YouTube versions get 1 second shorter for each sequel? Does the KK part 2 video just skip ahead to Okinawa with Miyagi playing that crazy hand drum and Daniel using the crazy drum technique to defeat Chozen? all in 4 sec?

In the KK3 version do you just see the crowd throwing back the Cobra Kai Dojo t-shirts handed out before Daniel kicks Cobra Kai ass?

Then "The Next Karate Kid" must be a picture on YouPorn with Hillary Swank topless in the crane position.

Don't hate, just a fan.

Ms. Kiyum said...

So why is it 27 seconds?

LT Nixon said...


Are you a fan of the Cobra Kai dojo or just Ralp Macchio's shenanigans?

subrookie said...

Isn't rooting for Cobra Kai a little like rooting for Darth Vader to win? Macchio's the shit.