17 January 2009

Bush Goes Down in Memory Worse Than Nixon

Would Alex P. Keaton Even Have a Framed Bush Photo?

With President Bush's tenure coming to an end in a few days, a Gallup poll states he is even more unpopular than the dreaded Richard Nixon! I'm not a big Bush fan, but I don't think he's on par with a criminal mastermind. He made some very poor decisions during a time of war and national crisis, but I don't see him as a scheming huckster trying to further his grip on power at the expense of the rest of the nation. Of course, based on the polling data released today, I'm probably in the minority. There's a lot of rumblings about the Obama administration putting Bush, Cheney, Yoo, Cobra Commander, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, etc. on war crimes trials for signing off on interrogation tactics that were of questionable legality. Not sure how this will all play out.


Anonymous said...

Friday night, and I'm the fucking SDNCO...Yip-fuckin-e.

I agree. Bush is way worse than Nixon, but I was a child when Nixon got fired. Fuck George Jr.


dutchmarbel said...

At least we're in agreement that they are both pretty abysmall. Who is worse seems a contrived fight once you reach that low a level.

Lisa said...

Oh no -- Bush is much worse than Nixon.

Alex would have luurved him some GWB pixs!

cathcatz said...

as the 22%er's keep saying, history will determine how the bush legacy unfolds.

and so it shall.