18 January 2009

Enthusiastic Kids For Obama Looking For Freebies

They say children emulate our behavior and are "teh future". And with a nation in the grips of the great bailout bonanza, it's no wonder that these short-changed youngsters are looking for everything from easy homework assignments to extra credit for "everything". From the NY Times "Letters to Obama" by schoolchildren:

These are the first 10 things you should do as president:

1. Make everyone read books.
2. Don’t let teachers give kids hard homework.
3. Make a law where kids only get one page of homework per week.
4. Kids can go visit you whenever they want.
5. Make volunteer tutors get paid.
6. Let the tutors do all the thinking.
7. Make universities free.
8. Make students get extra credit for everything.
9. Give teachers raises.
10. If No. 4 is approved, let kids visit the Oval Office, but don’t make it boring.

— Mireya Perez, age 8, San Francisco
I'm sure Mireya will have a prosperous career as a community organizer somewhere down the line. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, "Now I know why tigers eat their young!"


Spinnaker said...

As I'm fond of saying, I believe my children are the future. I believe other people's children are the future of McDonalds.

LT Nixon said...


We could at least give these kids a fair chance and be honest that they are facing a massive national debt and $50T of promised entitlements for the aging population.

Spinnaker said...

No argument here.

Jonn Lilyea said...

Homer Simpson said "I believe that children are our future...unless we stop them NOW!"