18 January 2009

All The Rage That's Fit to Print

To not scare off the 71% of people that support Obama, I generally get my anti-messiah rage on over at the other blog. Drop by if you like to read (or leave menacing comments) about the inauguration being interrupted by sham-wow commercials, Brownshirts 2.0, and other brickbats.

Also, a new blog from a sub Junior Officer (my old community) has started up called Don't Call Me Sir, which I have high hopes for. There's some pretty solid blogging from senior officers about strategic Naval policy out there already. This is more to revel in the mountains of work controls paperwork, re-live 6 hours of standing watch in a box, and learn about what it's like to have your skin flake off while underway. Fun for the whole fam! I fear he might be subjugated by the "hoo-yah brigade" to write more "upbeat" musings about the submarine force, but I stand by the policy that if you're not pissing off someone with your blog, you're fucking up.


subrookie said...

The new Pepsi commercials are the ones that piss me off the most.

You're more in touch with the floating services than I am, but I do like Snapped Shot for the Jewish view of the goings on in Israel. And, Eagle Speak has always been a great way to get information about the pirate situation off Somalia.

LT Nixon said...


Didja see my video to Obama that Pepsi wouldn't run? I'm all about shameless self-promotion. I like Eagle and Galrahn too. As for maritime affairs in the idiotsphere of blogland, no one comes close to their analysis. It's almost too good for a blog. I want to see more pictures!

Anyways, off to see My Bloody Valentine. Hope you're having a good weekend.

subrookie said...

I saw it, thank God Pepsi didn't run it.

Enjoy the movie I'll try to covertly shoot some photo of said hot, big bottom girl's booty on my commute Monday. But, rest assured if I think she has potential she's got potential.

I expect a review post, hell that movie is in 3D!