02 January 2009

Federal Judiciary Wants More Money for Funny Wigs

With the country reeling from unemployment and a massive drop in the stock market resulting in the collapse of retirement accounts, you'd think most folks would be happy just having a steady gig with all the benefits. But the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is already begging for a raise. From NYT:

“Judges knew what the pay was when they answered the call of public service,” he wrote. “But they did not know that Congress would steadily erode that pay in real terms by repeatedly failing over the years to provide even cost-of-living increases.”

This year, he said, every other federal employee, including members of Congress, received a cost-of-living increase. Only federal judges missed out.
This is not the best time to be hollering loudly about raises, because the Chief Justice already makes $200K+. Unless the Supreme Court wants to have the same popularity as Congress (already probing the depths of Screech-like uncoolness at 9%), they'd should probably just shut their yaps.


Shea said...

just makes me have even less respect for our lawmakers and judges, of course they are already tinkering with and reducing other benefits to all the other "lesser" serf, employees of the govt.

Shea said...

I'd also like to say that the standard of living in America has been decreasing for many years now, and that his argument, is unjust,
while the lawmakers are making more, most Americans are making less, I am privledged, as you are too sir, to be a part of the first generation of Americans whose standard of living has decreased, who will not do as well as their parents did, of course this is a generalization of the whole and does not take into account successes that are rare, such as the two guys who founded Google

LT Nixon said...

I think excessive wealth is a waste of time myself, so I'm not going to be upset if I don't do as well as the Baby Boomers.