28 January 2009

Hazmat Team Responds to 200-Gallon Hot Sauce Spill

What a shame! Is there any finer cuisine than Buffalo Wings? From Fairfield, Connecticut:

Nobody was able to cross the road Monday afternoon in front of Archie Moore's restaurant after 200 gallons of chicken wing sauce spilled onto Sanford Street.

The street was closed several hours after the 1:30 p.m. spill as the state Haz-mat team was dispatched to the scene.

Chicken wings are a signature item on the restaurant's menu and four large barrels of sauce for the spicy concoction were being delivered by Estes Express Line. As the truck driver was pushing a barrel toward the open truck door, it tipped over and spilled into the street, right in front of the restaurant.

"There's sauce everywhere," Perez said. "It's halfway across the street."
Oh the humanity!