28 January 2009

Obama Stimulus Turning into a Real Porker

The Democrat stimulus package is fast becoming the "You're Either With Us or Against Us" for the new Obama administration. Lefty blogs are already on witch-hunts for conservative pundits who dare ask questions about how close to trillion dollars will be spent. Liberal economist Paul Krugman lashes out at the new traitors of our nation. From New York Times:

But here’s the thing: Most Americans aren’t listening. The most encouraging thing I’ve heard lately is Mr. Obama’s reported response to Republican objections to a spending-oriented economic plan: “I won.” Indeed he did — and he should disregard the huffing and puffing of those who lost.
A trillion dollars isn't exactly an impulse buy of a spatula at the Albertson's. This is a lot of dough! And with a lot of money that will be unaccounted for, there's always Congress parasite or two to come looking for a handout. Senator Durbin is already looking for a billion dollar project for some "clean coal" power plant in his district, and Saxby Chambliss is already talking about the USAF needs more F-22s to keep jobs in his district. There's no reason to believe that Obama will be the savior of America or that the government will fix our catastrophic economic problem that was caused by people living beyond their means. It's just politics as usual.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

We all know the help Acorn gave the Democrats in winning the last election. What was in it for them? Is 4 billion dollars enough?
Democrats attempt to pay off Acorn

LogicallyLocked said...

When will they figure out that giving out mass amounts of money doesn't obviously work. WTF? It all needs a major overhaul, we need to get fresh thinkers in there to come up with a NEW idea!

Anonymous said...

Agent 99: Lt Nixon!! Thank goodness!! I could not see your other comment page! Geeez! Found you again at ThisAintHell! OK..the Militaty is mad as hell about the MOH Ball BHO blew off! Then they were mad about GITMO! Now, Lt.Nixon, they are furious about the Arab TV interview Obummer "granted" to the Muslims! Yep! The military is pissed! About Rush..I need to sign the petition to stop the Moonbats! I despise them. They are as Anti-American as BHO & MO are!!

Nixon said...

Agent 99,

I don't think the military is "mad" one way or the other. That's a pretty large group of people to subscribe a single political view to. And I wasn't mad about the Al-Arabiya interview, I said it was a good idea (see post). Is this Cathcatz BTW?