11 January 2009

Iraqi Political Campaigning Takes Hold - Vote Zainab

The LA Times discusses the campaigns for the upcoming provincial elections in Iraq (h/t Mudville):

After shaking Khazaali's hand, Mohammed Saleh Faiz, 33, said, "I respect the way this candidate is campaigning. He is now living among the people. They can ask him about himself or his political program. We rarely see such frankness and transparency among the politicians."

Khazaali, 45, has also mobilized young people. Many on his campaign team are enthusiastic university students or recent graduates. They've taken his message door to door and have "no fear like old men," he said.
Welcome to the culture of democracy, Iraq: annoying door to door campaignsters, weird buttons flooding the lapels of overzealous citizens everywhere, and sheisty promises from politicians. If someone made a great campaign ad, like Zainab below, they'd be elected routinely for years to come (thx CDR S for vid).


Shea said...

Is that Sasha?

Elizabeth said...

That was laugh-out-loud funny!

But, the really funny thing about this video is that I saw in on al-Jazeera before I saw it here!

That says something about something...I'm just not sure what...unless it's that I've completely given up on North American media...yeah, I think that's it.

LT Nixon said...


It sure does sound Borat-esque. Not sure though.

Lisa said...

Thanks for this.