11 January 2009

Why The Iraq Movies Have Sucked

Hollywood War Movies of the Last 5 Years

Big Hollywood laments the disturbing trend of elite movie-makers making anti-military Iraq movies. Wonkette criticizes saying that no such movie has ever been made and this is some plot hatched up by the right-wing conspiracy:
Hmm, we’ve never heard of any Hollywood movie about American soldiers raping people “in the War,” at least not off the top of our heads
I think the Big H was talking about Brian De Palma's epic flop, Redacted, but you can't fault Wonkette for not hearing of it since only about 20 people saw this cinematic abortion. I humbly believe that a good anti-war movie could be made by Hollyweird, simply because Born on the 4th of July is one of my faves. Generation Kill wasn't bad, but we're going to have to wait on a good Iraq/Afghanistan movie until the whole BDS phenomenon cools off. Preachy directors just try to cram too much political calculus and anti-war propaganda down our throats to actually develop a decent story.

But Hollywood culture hasn't declined the same way the record industry has. An example would be Gran Torino, an excellent, low-budget coming-of-age tale about crossing generational boundaries. Go see it!


Mike said...

Two words: Taking Chance. I've got the trailer for it posted at my place, definitely worth a look.

subrookie said...

Well, now that all the liberal directors/writers in the Big H are proud to be American again, maybe they'll actually make a movie that doesn't involve a tank dropping a HEAT round through a school full of Iraqi children while the tank commander talks about how he voted for Bush.

When will Hollywood decided that most war movies with a political agenda don't make money? I care about the characters not about how the director wants to characterize the government.

Joe said...

Gran Torino is excellent, reminds me of my grandpa.