28 January 2009

More Regressive Taxation on Working / Middle-Class People, This Time a Booze Tax

Policy Wonks in DC To Cripple Your Way of Life

The cigarette tax wasn't enough for these people, but it's progressive think tankers in DC we're talking about here. Nothing makes these people happier than finding new and improved ways to extort money from rubes in flyover land under the guise of "it's not good for you". Matthew Yglesias, the same bonehead who proposed cars being manufactured to not exceed 75 mph, brings attention to a gentleman who says alcohol taxes just aren't high enough. From Prospect:
Over the past 50 years, Cook reports, the inflation-adjusted value of federal liquor taxes declined by a factor of six while the inflation-adjusted value of federal beer taxes declined by a factor of 3.6. Both taxes are well below what is required to recoup the alcohol-related “externalities” problem drinking imposes on the community.
Typical nanny-state nonsense to socially engineer the rest of America to be like some MoveOn.org party in the Upper West Side. Understandingly, alcohol is primarily enjoyed by the middle and working-class to cope with the crushing bane of existence, despite some of liquor's problems. Furthermore, alcohol is most consumed by red states outside the bible belt (see Time's interactive map). Why don't they impose a tax on crap elite, urban white people prefer like Pilates Balls, Emo Glasses, or Yoga Mats? America is a cosmopolitan place with a vast array of interests and activities for the citizenry. Why do certain groups of people always feel like they have to attack those different from them?


subrookie said...

What's worse than the so called "sin tax" they put on alcohol is the monopoly on hard liquor currently enjoyed by many west coast states.

In Washington all hard liquor sales are through state run liquor stores. Gone are the days where I could run in the closest Wal-Mart supercenter at 1AM on a Sunday and get my Texas 5th of Capt. Morgans.

What's our governors response to the challenging economic times and the 6 billion dollar state deficit? It's open more state run liquor stores! Keep the ones the state already owns open on Sunday! That way we can all get hosed drunk toasting The One while the state monopolizes liquor sales.

What would make sense is to close the state run liquor stores and allow grocery stores and private liquor stores open. That would create jobs.

Wek said...

I remember reading Matt Y's "75 MPH" post. He's a fuck-nut-swine. Sorry Matty, some of us like to stay ahead of the old folks cars down here in FL. It just so happens I accomplish this on a 900cc sportbike (that gets 40+ miles per gallon, BTW).

Anonymous said...

"sin tax"! next thing you know they'll be increasing taxes on condoms and porn! they're taking away all our fun!

Anonymous said...

So it's not enough to have taxed cigarettes and the tobacco business right into crazy land, now we're going to try it with alcohol? People, please.

Like in North Carolina you can buy beer in the grocery, but not before -- I think it's 11:00 or noon. (You know, so pick it up on your way home from church.) But you can only buy "hard liquor" at the State store.
So, what a waste gas now to have to run back and forth!!

The whole thing is stupid.


Anonymous said...

From Agent 99: Lt Nixon..look what else the ObamaBots/Libs/Commies are up to http://www.infowars.com/new-legislation-authorizes-fema-camps-in-us/

Nic Fit said...

Contrary to your characterization of "vice" taxes being a liberal thing, it actually goes against liberal values of progressive taxation. I agree that so-called sin taxes hurt working class people disproportionately.

One of the reasons Obama was elected was public outrage over tax cuts for rich people. Hopefully the Democrats in power will follow the will of the people and abandon regressive consumer taxes of all kinds.