03 February 2009

Americans Pissed Off Now More Than Ever

The economic malaise has everything to do with dissatisfaction

Despite high approval for the new president, Americans are incredibly "dissatisfied" due to the economic funk we are currently experiencing. This goes to show that the axiom "It's the Economy Stupid" holds true in the modern age, and that even a guy as likable as The Obama can't assuage the colossal bag of dicks that our economy has become. Here's a snap shot of the past 15+ years from Gallup that coincides with economic perception:

There's also graphs that go all the way to the 70s, and the malaise even bottoms out further than when disco reigned and Carter was in office. You can probably attribute the American satisfaction-meter being high during the tech bubble burst of 2000-2001 because of post-9/11 patriotism. That and seeing the wedgie-deserving nerds who started crummy websites like pets.com fail probably brought a smile to many people's faces.