20 March 2009

20 Year-Old DC Intern Blamed for Entire Economic Crisis By Geithner

Staffer "Timmy" Goes Under The Bus

How low and sleazy can these worms in DC get with the whole Notorious A.I.G. saga? This low [Politico]:
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, taking his turn on CNN tonight, says not to blame Chris Dodd for the AIG bonus mess -- but don't blame him either.

The responsibility, he said, lies with "staff" -- but emphasized that he stood behind the decision.

How would you like to be Treasury Secretary Geithner's staff, where the guy sells you up the river to a national media outlet to save his own soon-to-be-doomed career? As AllahPundit slightly modifies the phrase from probably the last decent Democrat this country had: "The buck stops...with my staff".


Wek said...

This is like farting and then trying to blame it on the dog.

Shea said...

passing the buck,
that's the problem with the modern world, no accountablity, no responsiblity, the buck gets passed on everything, and is even taught in the public school system

Blendy said...

Well, whether or not it was an appropriately "presidential" venue, President Obama did say last night on The Tonight Show that ultimately he was responsible for Secretary Geithner and the financial mess, moving forward (thereby deflecting the current AIG thing), and directly addressed the issue of Washington being a place where people too often look for others to blame.

He also made a Special Olympics joke.

Nixon said...

Obama has tried to Go Truman by taking responsibility for the Daschle nomination blooper and this AIG business, but I wonder how long he will keeping trying to pin the blame on BUsh? It's something he should stop doing, as it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in his leadership.

Anonymous said...

But its soooooo e-a-s-y to blame Bush for everything. Try it sometime! I tried it at work and everyone laughed. It got me out of a shit-storm.