21 March 2009

To Boldly Go Where No 33-Year Old Virgin Has Gone Before

In order to cash in on the latest Star Trek movie, some entrepreneurial geeks are marketing a fragrance to channel your inner Shatner. From Seattle Times:

John McGonigle, president of Genki, said the two men's colognes and one women's perfume will retail for about $30.

Soon, Trekkies will be able to channel their inner Starfleet commander — or inner William Shatner — with "Tiberius," based on Kirk's character. The scent which carries the tag line "Boldly Go," is described by Genki Wear as having a "warm vanilla, white musk and sandalwood" base.
They are also marketing a seperate fragrance called "Pon Farr", which is the once-every-7-year Vulcan mating ritual according to the Star Trek wiki entry on the subject. If a Trekker got laid once every 7 years, I'd say he'd be doing pretty well for himself, yuk yuk yuk.


Shea said...

if there aren't already, one day there will be Fanboy churches