18 March 2009

Great Moments in Reflective Belt History

I received this in my email while in Iraq and was never successful in locating it again. That is until Troy Bouhammer emailed the powerpoint...thanks Troy! He's commented on some of the more ridiculous aspects of Fobbitism degrading morale along with Vampire 06 if you're interested.


Mike said...

I think the whole powerpoint is available on chairforce.com...at least it used to be, I'm too lazy to go dig up the link.

Anyway, I think my favorite bit was the screen-cap from Band of Brothers that was photoshopped..."Join the 101st Airborne, get a free reflective belt!"

Anonymous said...

I retired before that wisdom was embarked, but was in when they made you wear one whenever you had PT gear on. Even if you weren't doing PT. That was dumb all by itself.

Nixon said...


It really is ridiculous, and I'm glad senior NCOs like Troy are calling a spade a spade.

Darren M said...

Yes, I remember having to wear them when in PT uniform, even if I wasn't doing PT. I thought that was in the top 10 stupidest things I'd seen in 20 years, so I retired. I'm sure someone, somewhere wants the ACU's to have built in reflective properties.

Shea said...

There just might possible be more wisdom in that picture and sentence than there is in the entire history of U.S. Military Memorandums.
Is there anyway I could get a copy of that picture?

Fujisawa Bob said...

I was thinking of burning my reflective belt, but since it's made of kryptonite, no dice.