01 March 2009

Mugabe Throws Himself Extravagant Wing Ding

The worldwide economy hitting the skids has not stopped despots and thugs from spending money on celebrations of their atrocities. Similar to the Burmese wedding of the junta General's daughter in 2006, Mugabe spent $250K to honor his 85th. From ABC:

As he celebrates another birthday, Mugabe expects to be in power for the rest of his life. He says that "Only God can unseat me." Nevertheless, he and his wife, Grace, have set up a multi-million dollar fortified residence for themselves in Hong Kong.
In honor of Paul Harvey passing away, the "rest of the story" for the Zimbabwe people included swag bags with T-shirts that read "My leader threw a birthday party for himself and all we got was this lousy cholera epidemic".


Anonymous said...

Wow, such happy looking people!

Maybe the entertainment hadn't actually arrived yet? Or no cake?


Lisa said...

Gosh, they sound like our Wall Street elite, who throw themselves ski parties as the ship goes down for the other poor saps, known as investors.

Venality knows no international boundaries.

Ms. Kiyum said...

More suckers falling for the wedding industry's PR machine, I say.

mike H said...

For some reason, I had a vision of Michelle and Barack when I saw that picture.

Nixon said...

The opposition leader in Zimbabwe just got in a nasty car wreck where his life was killed. No word on foul play yet, I hope the Obamas don't start pulling crap like that.