02 March 2009

Obama Administration Continues Intimidation of Uncooperative Media

Rahm-Bo Fires a Salvo at Conservative Punditry

Rahm Emanuel (Obama's "bad boy" Chief of Staff) took aim at Rush's CPAC speech where he was critical of the administration. It's not so much that I'm a ditto head, as that I recognize media intimidation at the highest levels of government is not conducive to a free society (see Venuezuela, Iran, and Russia for examples). But, constant campaigning is the mantra for the Obama machine, which is why a communications strategy of crushing dissent is vital to secure America's path to mediocrity and general thuggery. From Politico:
“Our goal, Bob, is to continue to reach out and it’s our desire that the Republicans would work with us and try to be constructive, rather than adopt the philosophy of somebody like Rush Limbaugh.”

Emanuel’s comments were in line with a new strategy by White House allies in the private sector to make Limbaugh synonymous with the GOP.

The union AFSCME and Americans United for Change began airing an ad late last week showing a clip of Limbaugh saying “I want him to fail,” along with quick cuts of top Republican congressional leaders saying, “No … No. … No … No … No … No.”

Asked by Schieffer if the GOP really pays that much attention to Limbaugh, Emanuel replied: “I do think he’s an intellectual force, which is why the Republicans pay such attention to him.
Making one-line zingers about how Republicans are dumbasses is normally reserved for holier-than-thou Kos diarists. Since Rahm-bo had to step into the fray, that would suggest that the "grassroots" Obamatrons of union leaders, trial lawyers, and George Soros is doing a rotten job of squashing any opposition to Dear leader. You liberals involved with Organizing for America (Obama's personal propaganda brigade) better start coming up with some new tactics. Try public humiliation of political opponents by making them wear signs around their neck and "smashing the old world" to usher in new revolutionary ideas about Obama's stimulus plan. It's worked well for other countries! Why do you make Rahm Emanuel work so hard on a Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Next we'll be hearing about Rush's tax bill or his unpaid child support.

Geez, wonder why they didn't have Biden do some damage control instead of Rahm?


Elizabeth said...

Funny, I've never thought of Rush Limbaugh as an intellecual force and to hear the president's chief of staff say it reflected very poorly...on the chief of staff, if you ask me.

Of course, I'm not a Rush fan...well, Rush Limbaugh, that is...for reasons that I'd really rather not get into.

Elizabeth said...

Media intimidation is an interesting concept...never thought of it that way before.

But, I guess it follows that incompetence and ineptitude, which certainly both run rampant throughout the media and blogosphere - including the esteemed Huffington Post - are easy prey for intimidation.

Although, one would have thought that the Obama wouldn't need to be in constant campaign mode as his administration's polices would speak for themselves and ensure re-election without lifting a finger, no?

Nixon said...


Are you talking about Canada's favorite Objectivist-Rock band, Rush? Because those kick ass! Tom Sawyer 4-evah.

Elizabeth said...

But, of course...well, you know, there's only one Rush and we're pretty proud of them up here.

Of course, what I'm listening to at the moment is about as far away from Rush as one would want to get...don't even ask. What can I say...my tastes in music depend entirely on the day, mood, and/or current weather conditions.

Ms. Kiyum said...

I don't get the zinger part. It doesn't seem like a big insult to me. Now if he had called him a fathead, prescription-drug addicted blowhard -- that's an insult.