04 March 2009

Numero Uno with a Bullet

Not sure how much of the readership is into Country, but here's a new one I felt was appropriate. It's John Rich sounding the populist alarm with a song that certainly relates to our modern day woes: "Shuttin Detroit Down". Even though the reasons for Detroit's decline are numerous, you get the basic gist. The fat cats in DC are bailing out bankers and the obligatory "bossman", but everyone else gets boned. I have a soft spot for country music, but even if you don't like it, the song is way better than C-list celebrities pledging their souls on the Altar of Obama. Good tune for this uprising movement we keep hearing about.


olgreydog7 said...

John can write good songs when he wants to. Then he can write crap like "We're Coming to Your City." Which includes such inspired lyrics as "if you want a little ching in your ying yang come along." Or something like that.

Oh, I'm pretty sure that he has a private jet himself. Hypocrisy much? I mean, at least the Big Three produce something of use and not just generally crappy, Nashville, overproduced music.

There is alot more to this than some presumed evil fat cat smoking cigars made of 100 dollar bills. Honestly it is hard to blame them for taking bailout dough. If the tit is there, suck on it.