05 March 2009

Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Operation Hush Rush Saga

From the Savvy Political Tactics of This Dude

Awhile back, the conservative American Spectator published an article called "The Hugo Chavez Democrats" outlining how redistribution of wealth and federal laws such as The Fairness Doctrine were going to lead America into a new dark age. Fortunately, the Fairness Doctrine as it was originally conceived is D.O.A. for the time-being, but the White House is orchestrating a political attack on a pundit to distract the public from serious problems the country is facing.

The list of woes for America is lengthy: the stock market is in the crapper, investors are more skeptical of financing U.S. Treasury bonds, Afghanistan-Pakistan is in need of a completely revamped strategy (see yesterday's Cricket attacks for how dangerous this country is becoming), and people like Octopussy are still mooching off the public dole.

Certainly, no one is saying that Obama walked into an easy presidency, but he has chosen to mask the shortcomings in the first month-and-a-half by blaming everything on a loudmouth political commentator. No one elected Rush Limbaugh to anything, and he is, indeed, a loudmouth...uh, he's on talk radio, so how the hell else would he act? The Democrat strategy involves convincing America that conservatives are backwoods morons, but it also has to convince Americans that they are pathetic enough to require perpetual financial assistance from the government (thereby securing a lifelong voting pattern). Attacking Rush Limbaugh is political gold, because it simultaneously demonizes the conservative opposition while seeking to attract buy-in from a bloc of voters the Dems have traditionally struggled with (primarily blue-collar/middle class angry males like yours truly). Politico has the details on the White House strategy:
With President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney out of the White House and Tom DeLay gone from Congress, the left had been suddenly absent an unpopular right-wing figure.

Few Americans know who the congressional Republican leaders are. Even Sarah Palin is now four time zones away from Washington.

Enter Limbaugh.

It’s something of a back to the future tactic for Democrats: painting the GOP as the party of the angry white male. But unlike Newt Gingrich or other prominent Republicans, Limbaugh doesn’t have to mind his tongue.

And the liberal political apparatus is at battle stations taking note of his every comment.
These type of tactics are nothing new, but they usually aren't reserved for an organization like the goddamn White House (which enforces law through the barrel of a gun rather than lefty protesters clucking about in the streets). One of Obama's "inner circle" strategists wrote this scathing critique of Rush Limbaugh in today's WaPo. Private citizens have the right to free speech whether they are criticizing the president or hypothesizing bizarre LaRoucheian conspiracies about the British controlling our banks. End of discussion. This intimidation from the highest levels of government puts us on the slippery slope of neglecting the First Amendment, and it's not difficult to foresee the imprisonment of media figures like what happens in other countries. Sometimes it's hard to believe this is still America.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I'd like to see some media figures imprisoned!

There ought to be laws against incompetence and ineptitude in the fourth estate but there wouldn't be enough space to lock 'em all up.

Perhaps, if we really put our minds to it, we could come up with some other sort of appropriate punishment. Hmmmmmmm...

Mike H said...

Its kind of funny ... Limbaugh has been under a constant semi-coordinated attack for nearly 20 years now. I think Obama will find him to be a tougher nut to crack than a no-named plumber from Ohio.

Rush is in the position he’s in because he is an astute observer of the American political scene, I don’t think hos opponents really get that.

Lots of loudmouths on the radio, but only one of them has 20 million listners.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I would keep Rush right where he is and forego punishment, altogether...I wouldn't want to lose that particularly unique source of amusement. Heh heh.

Elizabeth said...

...or deprive his 20 million listeners of theirs, either!

Grung_e_Gene said...

"Private citizens have the right to free speech whether they are criticizing the president..."
Just ask the Dixie Chicks, they were roundly cheered by everyone for criticizing the President!

It's strange how many who claimed it was treason to question Bush, now state questioning Obama is the mark of the true patriot...

Of course, I forget that Obama's reign has strecthed on now longer than Leto II.

Bag Blog said...

If I remember correctly (and at my age that is a big if) the Dixie Chicks didn't just bash Bush, they bashed the USA while in Europe. I think that is what upset people more than bashing a president.

olgreydog7 said...

And, Natilie, lead singer, bashed Bush for sticking up for the Dixie Chick's right to say what they want.

I don't remember anyone saying it was treason to question Bush. I do remember the left saying it was patriotic to question the pres before they held the office.

Bottom line, it's the same old crap. The other is bad, we are good!