28 March 2009

Obama Starts Acting Like Commander-in-Chief

Finally. Instead of dicking around with the zombie banks that were shrewd enough to pump money into campaign coffers, the President has announced a revised strategy for fighting the war in Afghanistan. NYT has some of the highlights:

  • 17,000 additional combat troops
  • 4,000 troops for security transition (training/advisor forces)
  • Conditions-based economic and military aid to Pakistan
  • Request for $50B in budget plan
  • Development of "benchmarks" for governments in Kabul and Islamabad
David Brooks writes from a byline in the Kyber Pass that this thing is "winnable". Milbloggers such as Old Blue and the Greyhawks seem supportive of the new strategy as well. Jon Soltz states that the strategy encompasses the proper mix of addressing regional issues and focusing on law and order for the fledgeling government in Kabul.

While I'm deeply immersed in the culture of the bitters, laughing at Obama teleprompter jokes and such, I certainly hope that this ambitious plan is successful. It's our republic, and allowing Afghanistan/Pakistan to fall under control of extremism would prove catastrophic to global security.


Barrage said...

I'm all for this as well. Will be interesting to see what impact it has on Iraq. Will the diverted media attention impact the desire of radicals to make hay as we pull out. The Iraqi military may just be able to pull it off?

olgreydog7 said...

What, no exit strategy!? How dare he. This looks vaguely familiar. I'll tell you where Bushco really screwed up. They did not have the first clue on how to get their ideas out to the press. Amb Crocker spoke here recently, and of course down here, everyone wanted to know about the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. He calmly explained that Obama's plan, really isn't Obama's plan. He stole it from what Bushco already had in place. They just didn't tell everyone about it. Stupid and smart at the same time. Smart politically, stupid for security reasons.