28 March 2009

South Park Explains the Economic Crisis

Link: Economic Crisis South Park Style

The notoriously fast South Park creators hit another home run by explaining the financial crisis. The only thing they leave out is the political and sleazy banking culture that convinced Americans that owning Margiritavilles was the American dream.


Lisa said...

The sleazy banking culture is sleazy, no doubt. Yet, where does responsibility begin?

All are guilty of greed and stupidity. Advertising is not illegal, and it doesn't look like education or religion has expurgated sloth and avarice. Plenty enough blame to spread around.

Anonymous said...

i pissed myself when i saw how the chart worked! Gotta love those reformed heroin addicts.

Nixon said...


I thought the South Park episode blamed everyone: DC, people, and Wall Street, and it's funny stuff.

Lisa said...

Lt. Nixon,

The South Park bit was hysterical and spot-on, as usual.

I was just addressing your comment on American's vulnerability to being told to buy junk. Yes, they are easily-led, so when do people actually wake up, and when do we stop blaming institutions for brainwashing them?

It seems responsibility is not de riguer these days.

Mezzo SF said...



you want some carmex?

hahahahahhaa. seriously. that was fu*kin funny.