22 March 2009

Pentagon Protest Brou-ha-ha


TSO gave me a jingle and said there was barely a thousand miscreants at the Pentagon protest, and most of the signs were just stacked up on the ground. Seeing how Hezbollah was there, that might've scared off some potential malcontents.

From This Ain't Hell


Anonymous said...

Barely a thousand? try over 10,000!!! Read the truth brother. USA needs to stop killing women and children and innocent civilians over seas. They are using our tax dollars to do so. Billions of OUR dollars go to killing the innocent.

Nixon said...


I think you made a wrong turn on the internet somewhere and found yourself in the comments section of this blog, but that's okay, the more the merrier as I always say. Anyhoo, the report I got was from someone there and the news wires are were saying "hundreds", which is two orders of magnitude below 10,000.