22 March 2009

Saturday Recession Super Fun Special

Here's a flashback to 1997 with the classic Midwest dystopia film: Gummo, directed by a young Harmony Korine.

The movie has a lot of negative stereotypes about flyover country, but I found the depiction of the creepy underbelly very accurate and chilling. I've been through South Central LA, Detroit's East Side, and even the Florida panhandle, but I've never had the balls to cruise through Xenia, Ohio.

In No-Bama news, everyone's talking about the new blog: Barack Obama's Teleprompter's Blog, which is good for a chuckle.

For a comprehensive lists of Obama goofs, check out Don Surber's 60 Days/64 Mistakes.


DaveC said...

A bit disturbing! I sang a version of that song to my kids when they were little.

Had me a cat, cat pleased me, fed that cat under yonder tree, cat went Fiddle-I-Fee...

goose went Quaa
hen went Chipsy-Chopsy
duck went Splishy-Splashy
cat went Fiddle-I-Fee.

Ends with had me a baby, baby pleased me, etc.

Did you notice in Repo Man that Napoleon Dynamite is Otto's co-worker at the grocery store?

Nixon said...

Haha, Kevin was hilarious, especially when he sang the 7-up song in the grocery store (Kevin, stop singing that fucking song, man).

It was actually Zander Schloss, the bass player from the Circle Jerks. But, yeah, he sort of was the precursor for Napoleon.

Lisa said...

The FL Panhandle? That explains it -- you really do have cosmopolitan / redneck vibe cornered!

I mean that in the most complimentary way, for that is America, outside Manhattan and the West Coast. (We're there doing on-the-spot reportage, keeping our heads above the swamp!)