05 April 2009

Vultures Descend Upon Tragedy in Pittsburgh

The bodies of the fallen police officers in Pittsburgh were still warm when some of the net denizens on the left were already licking their chops that the murderer had some hang-up about Obama's gun control policies. Here's the shit flying around:

  • David "Everyone Who Doesn't Agree With Me is a White Supremacist" Neiwert tries to attributeconservative ideology.
  • Kos fears that Glenn Beck is going to come kill his 2-year old daughter.
  • Bob Cesca says you can sure as hell blame right-wing rhetoric, but nothing else (video games, movies, etc.) because it's convenient for the progressive cause to portray your opposition as loony.
  • Tbogg has a lazy post about "bitters", and then some doggieblogging.
Just like when they reveled in the death of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, these people will exploit any tragedy for their own political benefits. It's an absurd argument. Should we blame the progressive idea of egalitarianism as resulting in events like JonesTown and the Manson Family? No, some people are just goddamn batshit. Whether it be a talking neighbor's dog or a bizarre obsession with their own mother, crazies have all sorts of psychological problems that can drive them to murder. But, on the plus side, JammieWearingFool notes that the netroots finally give a fuck about law enforcement.

Update: Hot Air has evidence on Kos calling all conservatives "cop-killers". What a classy dude.


Lisa said...

A truly tragic story. I haven't read enough yet to know why a SWAT officer was killed (as were the two in Oakland, recently.)

Are the police not enlisting enough hostage negotiators?

J. said...

"Just like when they reveled in the death of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, these people will exploit any tragedy for their own political benefits."

Come on, that's a bit extreme, even for you. It's not as if the right wing hasn't been hysterically chanting about how Obama's coming to get their guns. It's not as if Repubs have been overly concerned about the death rates in DC that they decided unlimited guns for everyone was a neat policy.

I really fail to see how you jump from the unfortunate deaths of policemen from a psycho to the left "reveling" in soldiers' deaths. Far from it, it's been BushCheney using troops for their own political stages because the general public couldn't be trusted to applaud to their lines. It's been the BushCheney show that's mocked our troops deaths by deciding that rhetoric was better than actually getting the mission done with adequate numbers and resources.

Check fire, sir.

Bag Blog said...

This morning GMA is jumping on the gun control thang. The Libs are slobbering all over themselves to pass gun laws. I foresee the gun shows doing a booming business before this all plays out.

Mike said...

And lest we not forget what throbbing hard ons they get when they talk about their fucking folk heros Assata Shakur, Leonard Pletier, and everyones favorite Mumia Abu Jamal.

11whiskey said...

yes I am also afraid of waht will happen with the gun laws. I dont care how many laws you put on guns it wont stop the crazies from doing it. I refuse to be defenseless- good thing my conceal to carry was approved this week.

rangeragainstwar said...


We're with you on this.

Mike and 11Whisky: The Pittsburgh shooter, as well as the Oakland shooter, possessed their firearms illegally. The Pittsburgh shooter had a restraining order, which precluded his owning firearms.

This shows that gun laws do not affect people who will use weapons with criminal intent. Gun laws only restrain legal citizens.

This is an issue the liberals and conservatives overlap, actually. Even liberals want to keep their guns. It is a matter of constitutional provision. Conservatives don't have a lock on this topic.

As for guns in DC, it is the conservative court that made that ruling, and not a liberal one.

Nixon said...


It was a comment on far-left rhetoric exploiting and manipulating death to suit their own political needs. I'm not indicting all liberals, as I hope you don't think I'm a fucking "cop-killer conservative". As for bullshit about dead soldiers, don't pretend like you don't know.


Totally agree with that criminals don't follow gun laws, and that's for bringing the facts about the Pitt/Oakland shooters to light. Hopefully, law enforcement will get smart to enforcing laws that are already out there with respect to firearms.

J. said...

Wow, a zinger there. You're right, one liberal's post about 4000 dead soldiers being the fault of BushCheney is certainly the same as liberals complaining about gun laws. You got me.

And I am also at fault for thinking that conservatives all have the best interests of a safe society at heart.


Anonymoose said...

J., I can't tell you how many times I've heard the left "revel" in the deaths of soldiers. Probably dozens if not hundreds of times since 9/11 just in my daily use of the internet, and let's not forget all those videos of anti-Vietnam protests.

We've got pro-Palestinian protesters reveling in the deaths of IDF personnel all the time, too.

Lisa said...


A non-sequitur.

#1: No American revels in the death of our soldiers. that is an insane statement.

#2: You cannot equate Palestinians reveling in the killings of IDF soldiers with American citizens confronting the foreign deaths of their soldiers.

Watch less Glenn Beck, read more legitimate news.