08 April 2009

Wacko Vets Storm Poli Sci 101 Classes at Penn State!

AllahPundit got tipped off about a strange video as part of the "Worrisome Student Behaviors: Minimizing Risk" web resources available to faculty at Penn State. The montage includes some meth'd out chick who screams at her professors, tips on how to find out who the crazed gunmen sitting in the back of the room is, and this crazy vet (video above) who warns his professor to give him a better grade "or else". It's totally hilarious, and about as fact-based as the 50s educational video on homosexuals touching young boys in the bathing suit area.

The real question is whether or not Penn State will still use this video as part of their faculty training after The Obama was welcomed with cheers by the military recently in Iraq.


Mark said...

Here is a very complete story on the video, with new information.

Penn State training video violates Iraq vets’ dignity, school policy

olgreydog7 said...

Well, around here, it's the worthless frat boys that pull that shit. The vets usually understand what it means to work for something.

Lisa said...

olgreydog is right about the entitlement-mentality of the smarmy frat boy expecting a good grade. I have never had a problem with a vet.

This video underscores the free-floating anxiety encouraged in our society today, plus the fact that most people do not know any vets, and do not know what to expect should they meet one.

If I were a Freudian, I would suggest internalized subliminal guilt message projected onto the exotic unknown subject -- the vet.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Everyone knows all you vets are illiterate and crazy. Geez. Go to the learning center, and quit scaring all of the smarty pants intellectuals.

Mike said...

Does this really shock anyone? Seriously.

subrookie said...

Since the U of WA is trying to kick out an employee for serving in the Reserves...unfortunately none of this surprises me. But, it is a load of shit.

I'm sure if you sit around and talk day after day in the teachers lounge to people who think exactly the same way you do, you would think shit like this is normal.

The Sniper said...

Yup, all of us ignorant, illiterate vets have problems with grammar, too. Of course they go after the grammar aspect.

And just what, by the way, is so confrontational here? She said to her supervisor that she was worried about the guy being confrontational... the only thing he threatened was to get her fired for not (in his opinion) doing her job. Yeah, that would worry most liberal college profs considering the piss poor, politically polarized job that they often do.

Absolute BS. Worse, prejudicial. You know damned well they wouldn't have tagged some inner-city minority on a scholarship as having "bad grammar".

Nixon said...

Thank you for the link Mark, as it had a lot more info. You must've snapped it up before Penn State took it off their server, props.

Lisa said...


The minorities on sport scholarships are already funneled into a nanny system which midwives them along. If they are unlucky enough to have no ball skills, they are shunted to the remediation centers.