10 June 2009

Ahmadinejad's Advisor Calls Opposition Supporters a Bunch of Nerds

Supporters of Iran's reform-minded challenger, Mousavi, have taken to the internet to hype up his campaign, while Ahmadinejad has used more traditional Persian outlets for his campaign stops (mosques, the state-run media, Quds Force bowling alleys, etc.) Sensing the threat from these un-Islamic, rabble-rousing youth, Ahmadinejad has used the age-old tactic of labeling anyone who knows how to turn on a computer a poindexter. From Washington Post:

Badamchi's site, called Sepidedam.com, broadcasts speeches by Mousavi, who has repeatedly complained that state television favors Ahmadinejad. "So we still get our message out through the Web. And the best part is, it's for free," Badamchi said, adding that "these are the most digital and virtual elections ever" in Iran.

Shamaqdari[Ahmadinejad adviser] portrayed Mousavi's supporters as geeks who spend too much time at their computers.

"Even though it is bad for their mental health, Mousavi's supporters spend hours on the Internet," he said. "Our youths are more social. They like to hang out at baseej centers, on the streets or play sports. They like to meet in groups. Mousavi's supporters are more solitary."
Hasn't Mr. Shamaqdari ever seen Revenge of the Nerds? He's forgetting that the geeks always win in the end, whether it's Hollywood or real life.

UPI has good photo coverage of the Iranian election campaign here.