10 June 2009

Pvt. Who Was Shot in Arkansas Says He's Still Glad to Serve His Country

Photo from CNN

After narrowly avoiding death at the hands of an Islamic terrorist in Arkansas last week (Pvt. Long was not as fortunate), Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, says he is still thankful that he's doing his time for Uncle Sam. From CNN:
Ezeagwula said he joined the Army because "I just want to help my family out. I thought it was a good way, and then when I got in it, I actually learned to love the Army."

He said he is a construction machinery operator but hopes to eventually become a sergeant and then a drill sergeant.
Usually a touching story such as this about sacrifice, commitment, and honor rarely makes any headway in the media. This story was #10 on CNN's Most Popular List and will probably drop off the chart once details emerge about that gay dude on American Idol. Politico had analysis of how Dr. Tiller's case got way more coverage than a domestic terrorist attack on our own soldiers. If only Pvt. Ezeagwula had been shot by someone wearing a Sarah Palin button or he publicly reputed American Imperialism, he would've had a book deal and an ACLU lawyer by now.


Lisa said...

Yeah, but guys named "Muhammed" are supposed to do stuff like this.

OTOH, one doesn't expect such things of good Christians like the guy who murdered Dr. Tiller recently. Or people of the good Book, like the Palins, to have a family member fornicate and get knocked up outside of marriage. Or the Cheney's lesbian daughter.

Does not compute! That's why they make the news. Hypocrisy.