02 June 2009

Lowlife Storms Recruiting Station in Arkansas

You have to wonder where the hell these people come from. From USA Today:
According to sources, the suspect advised them that he was going to kill as many Army personnel as possible. At the time of the shooting, the subject had approximately 200 rounds of ammunition available, police said.

According to a police report, Muhammad told police he saw two uniformed U.S. soldiers in front of the recruiting office before he shot and killed Pvt. William Long, 23, and wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, while they were taking a break outside the U.S. Army recruiting station where they both worked.

When Muhammad was arrested he was near a Walgreens drug store and another large store with hundreds of people inside and out in the parking lot areas.

But authorities said he never attempted to hurt anyone at either location, and only directed his hostility to the recruiting site.
Why does every crazy always get a raging boner over recruiting stations, thinking that fucking with recruiters means you're really "sticking it to the man". Have these people ever been to one of these drab government-funded offices in the strip mall? You know these scumbags aren't going for the ads on Army Strong.

Most service members get recruiting duty for 2 years after they serve in a combat zone/sea duty, or like the Private who was ruthlessly gunned down in Arkansas, they get stashed there for a few weeks until they start their training for whatever community they're in. But these days it seems like they'll have to make Recruiting Duty the hardship assignment. Jesus fucking Christ.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing made me sick.

And I'm like you, the nut jobs know they can't get on a base, so let's shoot up a recruiting office? What the hell does that prove? Proves how stupid they are. This was too close to comfort for me.


LogicallyLocked said...

This one made me sad this morning. Too many questions, with no answers. *sigh*

tankerbabe said...

Oh there are answers. We'll just never see them put to practice nor hear anything about them. The FBI had this guy in their sights. They were "monitoring" him. No answers? Right!

There is no silver lining to this story. A senseless death by a worthless (or less) human. I can only be thankful that Arkansas has the death penalty.

Nixon said...


Well I still oppose the death penalty on principle, but the words "worthless human" do come to mind.

LogicallyLocked said...

I suppose I don't mean "no answers" but perhaps wrong answers, or in other words I don't understand what the fuck makes people act this way. Oh wait, yes I do, religion.

Anonymous said...

LL, I respectfully disagree. It's not religion that "makes" people do this - it's zealotry and ideology. There are plenty of religious folks out there who don't do this sort of thing.

- Girl in the Middle