18 July 2009

Fighting Back

Even though Massachusetts' near-universal health coverage is bankrupting the state by the second, liberal types are making the rounds saying that government-run health programs (like the VA) are actually swell. I guess veterans-related scandals were only the meme of the day when Bush was president. You can take a look at Joe's comment if you want to see what a pain in the ass it is to deal with the VA, and you can read this IBD editorial on how much this monstrous Obamacare is going to cost:

Few of the plans now coming out of Congress will save anything, says the CBO's current chief, Douglas Elmendorf. In fact, he says, they'll lead to substantially higher costs in the future — costs that will be "unsustainable."

As it is, estimates for reforming health care range from $1 trillion to $3.6 trillion. Much will be spent on subsidies to make a so-called public option more attractive to consumers than private plans.

To pay for it, the president has suggested about $600 billion in new taxes, meaning that $500 billion to $2.1 trillion in new health care spending over the next decade will be unfunded. This could push up the nation's already soaring deficit, expected to reach $10 trillion through 2019 without health care reform. Massive new tax hikes will probably be needed to close the gap.
If the Obama administration is going to throw taxpayer money around, you'd think they would wait at least a year to blow another trillion dollars. After a while, these trillions really start adding up.


Wek said...

What vid game is that?

Nixon said...

The original Kung Fu for NES, of course.

NateSF said...

It looks like some fiscal conservatives in the democratic party are balking at the cost of the house health care bill, and team Obama is worried that there won't be a bill sent to the white house before the August recess. If that's the case, and the congress has to take this up again at a later date, probably much closer to an election year than many legislators would like. The talking heads I've been listening to think that whatever gets rammed through the legislative branch will be a watered down version of what the democrats are proposing now.

The thing that I'm wondering is why when the democrats are in a filibuster proof majority they can't seem to close ranks and pass legislation when the republicans don't seem to have any problems doing the same thing when it's their turn. I wonder if Obama is a good enough cat herder to get this health care deal done?

olgreydog7 said...

Wait a minute. You say it will raise costs, but the commercial says it will lower costs and that if it stays the way it is, costs will rise 70%. That's it, I don't know who to believe!