16 July 2009

Obamacare is On the Way

Can you hear that slow death rattle of American civilization? Not even the "blue dogs" are going to save us from this turd. Yesterday, Ed Morrissey noted that the government can't even get the VA under control, so why the fuck are they going to try and supervise health care coverage for everybody. Having been in the military, most of us are pretty good at filling out ridiculous paperwork and dealing with bullshit, I feel sorry for everybody else.


Lisa said...

HuffPo had a good piece on international health care a couple of days ago here (the comments are most illuminating):


In 500+ comments, almost all were positive re. nationalized medicine. Health care should be a right, not a privilege. All the other "civilized" and third world countries have it. The U.S. is so elitist, bureaucratic and profit-driven. We must smash that machine.

Anonymous said...

Health care isn't a right. You have a right to pursue health care and make the best deal you can, but you can't demand that someone provide it to you. What would you do: force doctors and nurses to treat you? That's also known as slavery. Or maybe you'll settle for just stealing money from someone else to pay for your care.

Where do people get these ideas?

Joe said...

I just got approved for my VA Dental plan, the once-per-lifetime-one you have to apply for as soon as you get back from deployment. I applied at the end of December. The best part is that after waiting 8 months for approval (with no returned calls or contact from them whatsoever), they blindly approved everything on the treatment plan from stuff as bland as fillings to root canals with all-porcelain crowns. In a rush to get it done before my window expired and before my AT starts here at the end of the month, I had all of my surgery done in 2 weeks at a few hours a day, twice a week. Just finishing on tuesday, my dentist inquires if I have any buddies from my unit that have the VA plan too. He told me how a private insurance company tells him what they'll pay him for his work, but the the VA approved everything without even calling him to see if he was really a dentist or anything. Granted, my issues could have been fixed years ago if every time I went in to see the dentist, the Army or Army civilian guy/gal hadn't pushed off my issue as class I and fixable at a later date, but the staggering cost still makes me feel a little guilty. Then again, I did wait 8 months. If national health care is going to be anything like VA care, good luck America. I went to the VA once since I've been back for a check-up about a month when I got back and I haven't been back since. I sat for 10 hours and people constantly forgot who I was. It was like being on duty.

Nixon said...

I hear ya Joe. I'm still waiting for my VGLI coverage that I mailed a check for like 5 months ago. I guess I have to wait another 3 months.

Lisa said...


In a nationalized health care scenario, doctors do get paid, and without all the scalping that goes on in our system.

It is a matter of thinking outside of the box, with something other than a S & W.

Girl in the Middle said...

"500+ comments, almost all were positive re. nationalized medicine"

Really? 500+ readers of HuffPo want nationalized medicine? That's so... exactly what I would expect.

Can I come up with some things that I feel I have a right to? Or rather, that I am entitled to?

Lisa said...

500+ readers expressed positive experiences with the system while living and traveling abroad.

Your Founders already declared some of the things you are entitled to (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.) Democracies are organic entities. Some of those things have passed away; new imperatives arise.