25 July 2009

Well At Least It's Not the LA Riots

Obama has backpedaled on his initial comments of the Cambridge police officer who arrested the Harvard professor. No problem, everyone has a gaffe, even messiahs. In my opinion, the case seems to be more about society's elite thinking the law doesn't apply to them and they don't have to explain themselves to lowly-paid guys with their names on their uniform. Kind of like the people who whine about having to take their shows off at the airport, but I digress. The Cambridge mayor didn't even stick up for one of her police officers, which shows that it must be swell to be a cop in that city. Police are tasked with probably the most essential task in ensuring a civil society, and I wish more people would drop this adolescent bullshit of always blaming them without giving a little benefit of the doubt. The media is attempting to re-ignite the racial profiling debate, but I don't think it's as big a deal as their making it, and it'll drop off the news cycle once some other governor gets found indiscretely boning. As long as there's no LA riots ripping society apart at the seams, I think we will carry on as a nation, however imperfect.


Inspector Clouseau said...

In a strange way, I agree with you. I lived in Los Angeles during the riots following the Rodney King verdict, and was in South
Central to view the damage.

There's a lot of pent-up anger out there right now.

Lisa said...

Mr. Gates has a big head, and one should not tell a cop, "You don't know who you're messin' with." Polite, compliant behavior goes a long way.

But hey, he's now got a career-boosting situation to exploit. His next incarnation: Black man in lockup.

olgreydog7 said...

The best was BHO's comment that he doesn't know the facts and should be quick to judge, then go on to say that the cops acted stupidly.

Nixon said...


I was just a kid, and didn't live in LA at the time, from what I can gather by talking to people who were there, it was a very troubling time for everyone, regardless of race. Almost like society was being ripped apart at the seams.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Is it true that Mr. Gates told the police, "I'll talk to your mama outside?" Because that's what I heard, and while it's kind of funny, it seems like a really stupid thing to say to a man with a gun, billy club and hand cuffs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised there isn't more talk from the libertarian-types about the unprofessional use of police power here. "Benefit of the doubt" for the cop is totally justified if he had any reason to think he was in danger; in fact, this is why as a matter of law, the office should not be punished.

But still, when he arrested Gates, he had just verified that he was talking to an old man in his own house. He basically arrested him to "teach him a lesson" for being really obnoxious (for pulling rank and accusing him of racism). This doesn't seem like a good use of the government's monopoly power on the use of force. The right thing to do would have been to give him his card (with his badge number and all that) and say he'd handle any complaints later and then leave.


Nixon said...


I admit to not being very libertarian when it comes to security/law enforcement matters. But Radley Balko (a libertarian crime blogger) pretty much said what you said.

tft said...

I hear many on your side saying that if Gates had just shut up, everything would have been ok. Sure. I buy that.

However, if the cop had not illegally entered Gates' house after being refused entry, the whole thing would have ended, and the cop would not be fending off charges of illegal arrest.

The cop acted stupidly, and when you all tell us all to shut up when a cop walks up to us, what you really mean is, that cop has a trigger finger itching; why else should a tiny, crippled black man shut up? Was the cop scared? No, he was power-tripping, like most folks with guns do.

You people amaze me.

I am pleased you reject the birthers. Many of your friends don't.

rangeragainstwar said...


Not "shut up", but rather, "not mouth off," as gates did. Comply. The cops deal with scum all day long; one's attitude in a confrontation matters.

Nixon said...

"that cop has a trigger finger itching"

Are you suggesting that the cop actually wanted to shoot Gates? I'm sensing you have deep-seated feelings against law enforcement. Whatever, it's a free country.

tft said...

No Nixon. I am saying, that in my experience, folks who like guns also tend to like to dominate and require others to submit.

I had a brother like that.

I don't know about you or your readers, but your avatar is certainly frightening, as it represents to all who see it that you are a masked killer.

But, you wouldn't want me to think that because I don't know you.

Well, first impressions, and all...

Nixon said...

Actually I'm the Zodiac Killer, but don't tell anyone else that.

olgreydog7 said...

Lets think about who the cops deal with on a daily basis. You cannot and should not assume the best about a person when you are responding to a call. Personally, I think the cop did the right thing. If Dr Gates had calmy told the cop he lived there and then provided proof, there would have been no issue. Get all huffy puffy and the cop will do what he is entitled too. Hopefully, within the law. In this case, I think he was perfectly within the law.

BostonMaggie said...

tft - Sure my boy's avatar is frightening....but I am the vengeful one here, lol.

You need to go read a little more about the facts of the case & then think about this - What if Gates was the angry, estranged husband of the resident? Suppose SGT Crowley had peeked inside the residence, saw a man with a cane and said "Oh he looks harmless enough!" and left. Then come back the next morning to draw the chalk outlines around some bodies?

Or how about this? SGT Crowley walks away from the demented *former* resident of the house that Harvard had booted? And again, Crowley gets to come back with the roll of "Caution" tape?

People would have crucified SGT Crowley for not being vigilant.

SGT Crowley played that scene right down the line by the book. He followed procedures designed to make sure the public is safe and to make sure SGT Crowley returns safe home to his own family.

I believe you have mixed up LEOs with vampires.....when there is a 911 call they don't need to wait to be invited into your home.

When you have a 911 call, a house that has previously been the target of an attempted burglary and a cranky man, you follow the rules and protect everyone.

Once came out of his house screaming and wouldn't calm down and kept getting more wound up, he caused his own arrest.

While I would have excused him for being cranky in the moment, once this was over he should have STFU. He didn't and now he and his pals - Obama, Gov Patrick and Mayor Simmons are the once who are causing strife.

SGT Crowley has been a class act through out this sorry episode. SGT Lashley and Trooper King have been incredibly brave as well.