23 July 2009

British Paper Badmouths America For Not Loving Obamacare

Well if you don't like snooty American bloggers telling you why you're a terrible person for not supporting a debt-ridden, centralized health care monstrosity, you're probably not going to care much when someone from Europe does it. From the Independent in London:

Like anyone who writes in a national newspaper, I'm used to abuse, but nothing prepared me for the venom unleashed when I dared to suggest, on an American website earlier this year, that "rational self-interest" might have its limits. My suggestion, said one correspondent who tracked me down months later, was "an attack" on his "happiness, freedom, income, survival and family" and I clearly had "(a) no education and (b) no experience". Suffice it to say that he, and his fellow Christina critics, were less than delighted about the "obscure left/socialist leanings" of "an American Idol President". Socialist? It would be tempting, as a Brit, to say 'you're having a larf!', but these people are not, I think it's safe to say, overly endowed with a sense of humour.

If Obama can't do this, nobody can. If Obama can't do this, America's poor are screwed. Sure, America's got talent, but it's also got some of the most unpleasant, uncompassionate, unerringly ruthless people on the face of this planet. Boy will that boy need some luck.
Well, that certainly doesn't have much of the British charm. And what's up with calling Obama "boy" like it's some 1950s diner in Biloxi, Mississippi. This is not the first time scary, middle-aged women have referred to Obama as "boy".

You kind of get a sense of the commentator;s demeanor with this line later in her stream-of-conscious blatherings:
The pub, cosy cornerstone of the community, hub of happiness and harmony etc, is in decline and this, apparently, is a national disaster.

Could this be the same institution that has been castigated for fostering the country's only serious national pastime, the mass pouring down throats of the drug regarded as the biggest threat to the nation's health?
Great. Another know-it-all, self-roghteous liberal who wants to mind everyone else's personal business to compensate for god-knows-what. Please stay in England, we have too many like you in the States.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Obama fix the VA medical system first and show everyone that the federal government really can do a good job with health care?

Wek said...

You're displaying your American Arrogance by thinking that only the U.S. has know-it-all, self-righteous liberals.

Lisa said...

"centralized health care monstrosity" --

We've already got a health care monstrosity. It is bloated, rapacious, and still 49 millions of us are uninsured.

This is unforgivable in a "civilized" society.

Bradley said...

Ah from the country that allows you to go blind in one eye before giving you the medicine that will fix that problem, and the country that allows you to wait in the ambulance so that the ER's response time will look better, not be better mind you, but look better. From the country that has lotteries to see if you can have a normal primary care doctor. Talk about having the balls to talk about the US being uncaring for 'ignoring' the poor, too bad the 'poor' are already covered under governmental health care. But then again they are problem still pissed that a bunch of uneducated 'farmers' kicked there ass 200 odd years ago.

The Sniper said...

Didn't we have a war or two over not giving a shit what England says?