06 December 2007

Foreign Fighters in Afghanistan

There was yet another suicide bomber in Kabul that killed 13 people on Wednesday and according to the Washington Post, militant attacks on civilians in Afghanistan are at a high for the year. Geraldo swung by Iraq earlier this week and then he headed to Afghanistan. While I understand that Geraldo is not an expert analyst on these matters, his message was clear that Iraq is getting better and Afghanistan is getting worse. So what's really going on? Captain's Journal explains. It seems Afghanistan is seeing an influx of foreign fighters willing to commit acts of atrocity by conducting suicide attacks. There was a lot of foreign fighter infiltration from Syria into Iraq, but it seems to have tapered off. Are all these crazies flocking to Afghanistan now? It definitely poses a challenge since Afghanistan, like Iraq, has a huge amount of border terrain with numerous countries.

Geraldo's not so excited about Afghanistan, despite his sweetass glasses.


ex ssg said...

well usually the press doesn't come to afg. i was in oef 7, with 3rd bct 10th mtn. as always a big thanks for keeping me safe. foreign fighters, well fight us and die. or shoot at us and die. i trained alot of locals on basic labor skills. alot of good guys. some were just spies. well how does a guy from milw. figure out whos' who. no id. system no real way to track them? thank god for s/f. e back if youd like pictures doug

LT Nixon said...

Hi Ex SSG,

Thanks for dropping in and thanks for the insight. I've heard similar things from guys in Fallujah (it's tough to distinguish I imagine), but I think in 2004 they were carrying passports and cash (head over to The Sniper for details).